Local attractions

Local attractions ...

The Mons Region: a world of opportunities! Local attractions include :

- - - - - - The City of Mons

An impressive historic city steeped in tradition and creativity, Mons is the cultural capital of Wallonia and the heart of this municipality of 250,000 inhabitants. Mons has been crowned European Capital of Culture 2015. The theme for 2015 is ?When technology meets culture?; see  www.mons2015.eu for details of events.


  • The recently restored baroque belfry, the only one of its kind in Europe, overlooks the city from its beautifully appointed gardens.
  • The Spiennes Neolithic flint mines which used to provide knapped flint to countries throughout Europe - www.minesdespiennes.org ;
  • The Ducasse de Mons, or 'Doudou', an extremely popular annual festival that has been held for hundreds of years. ;


Discover local history

  • The belfry and château gardens
  • Collegiate church of Saint Waltrude
  • Château d'Havré
  • Mons City Hall
  • Saint-Denis-en-Broqueroie abbey
  • The churches of Saint Nicolas and Saint Elizabeth

Envie de culture

Don't miss these local events !

  • the Doudou, the local name for the eight-day Ducasse de Mons festival
  • FIFA, the International Love Film Festival - www.fifa-mons.be
  • the Ethias Tennis Trophy, a prestigious leg of the ATP Challenger Tour - www.ethiastrophy.be
  • the Ducasse de Messines procession and the chocolate festival
  • the Fête de la Saint-Jean (St John the Baptist's Day), celebrated with bonfires

There's always something going on in Mons; ask at reception for details.

- - - - - - A few miles from Mons





Fancy some sport ?

Walking and cycling

Pairi Daiza

  • Discover one of Europe's most beautiful wildlife parks. " A 55-hectare garden, on what were once the grounds of a Cistercian monastery, Cambron Abbey, protected from the outside world by a wall three kilometres long. Enter... leave your troubles outside and open yourself up to the wonders that await you. Firstly nature, in the form of centuries-old trees, exquisite flowers and lush plants from all over the world. Then architectural treasures and crafts, all authentic, meticulously created by artisans from China, Indonesia, Thailand and elsewhere. Come and make friends with the 5,000 animals that live here in harmony. Welcome to our earthly garden. Welcome to Pairi Daiza." - Eric Domb

    Visit the website www.pairidaiza.eu